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Is it a reprieve for Lady Chiara, aka “the blue ram?” Be sure to share your thoughts below!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Yup, Riah’s thirst to see Shie kill Chiara is clouding everything. I mean, she seems to have some kind of intention of not really harming Lumina, but I also have the feeling that “unavoidable collateral damage” would be more than okay for her, too.

:3 time for Kess to throw a wrench in things! That’s her adopted niece over there, after all.

I mean the Queen just said that the reason the dragons don’t wipe out the tigers completely is to keep the dragons united, but if the princess was killed or hurt really badly, would the queen in her rage just order the extermination of the tigers and then when that was done the dragons, in about 5 years or sooner, would start fighting themselves. And may just wipe themselves out in the process.

Riah’s rancor is making me regret her running along with this posse.

Anyway, In the last page once I saw Shaleigh peeking into the room I knew she would spot Lumina and likely hesitate thanks to her final statement on that page. Thankfully, She is also a friend of the Princess-in-Waiting and not willing to jump in and cause havoc. Chiara is granted a reprieve she is oblivious to while Lumina’s mother and adoptive mother talk.

Lumina’s presence has just saved Chiara’s life while Shaleigh’s friendship with the Princess adds another layer of security. Plus, the realization of WHO Lumina is and who raised her has thrown a wrench into Riah’s revenge. Let’s hope the wrench holds.

I was avoiding this for a long time, but screw it. How do they share the same fucking song with different lyrics? How does that happen?

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