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To borrow a Tiger expression, what in the blue hell just happened to Kess? Share your guesses below!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Whoops, you’ve done it now Riah. Hope Kess didn’t just blip out of existence forever. Good to see Kess is showing mercy, even if it’s only for Kilani’s sake, as Aika’s said, she shares Queen Shiraz’ brutal view on dragons.

I suppose this would be the moment when things start to get “out of hand”. Riah gotta realize that if she doesn’t do the fighting she doesn’t chose the timeline, the tiger is really underestimating what it takes to do the deed even when their a sworn enemy.
no matter what promise they made to her unless She’s thinking strategy shy really has no place talking about who, when, where or how they fight anyone.

Good that Kess has come to her senses about Lumina, in that not only would it destroy her sister if anything happened, but also the retaliation on the entirety of the tigers.
Shie seems relieved as well that she won’t have to follow through on the plan, while Riah’s mad.

Unfortunately, Kess’ hood fell off, knocking her out of slipspace, possibly into Lumina’s room. Hopefully, Chiara isn’t around and Shaleigh can get Kess back in before Lumina notices.
Though if she doesn’t, maybe they can be properly introduced as family.
No matter how hard the crown tries, imprinting is near impossible to remove. So a mention of Kilani should get the memories running again.

WARNING!!! Physical contact between occupants of this realm may cause them to spontaneously dematerialize. PLEASE AVOID CONTACT!!!

In all seriousness, I wholeheartedly support Kess’ decision to leave Lumina and by extension Chiara be. Riah’s insistence that this be the moment of her revenge shows her lack of forethought and selfishness.

Also, what happened to Kess? Why did she just blink out of existence? My best guess is Shaleigh goes to check on Kilani while Riah pulls Kess aside. When Shaleigh sees something that piques her she pulls (or pops) Kess out of Riah’s grip and over to where she is standing. That’s my theory.

cannot wait to see sombrana attack on the dragon kingdom along with the tigers on the other side one fights on the north west side the other east part of the debree wall oh I was wondering what would eone do if tamsyn showed were gaias bodey is how would she feel

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