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With friends like these…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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The last panel is unclear whether both tigers 1) Took off their OWN hoods to try and find Kess, thinking they will end up in the same place; or 2) Kept their hoods on but ‘entered’ the hole/fire/rift in front of them, taking matters into their own hands and possibly splitting the party even further.

On the one hand I can’t fault them for taking immediate action in a panic, but on the other – oof! Shaleigh had JUST said it could be lethal. Guess she should have led with “Sit tight and dont do anything stupid” instead of “Probably not dead from hood loss”. Tigers really dont seem prepared to appreciate this whole dimensional travel business. This fox is definitely having trouble herding cats.

“Guys don’t be stupid” goes into the nearest rift “Gods damnit.” Hahaha
I’d probably panic too being in Riah’s paws honestly, but I’d also be following the leaders orders in an unknown setting. I think this whole Chiara debacle has her relying too much on her emotional response here, but let’s see what rift she jumped into first.


Sitting Tight: ❌
Doing Something Stupid: ✔

Poor Shaleigh. She has one Tiger whose vanished and ended up who knows where while two more have jumped into the nearest rift and taken off to likely attend to their own whims.
I’m not truly worried about Kess, she can handle herself well. I’m mostly worried about where Riah and Shie have taken off to.

Two pages ago we were looking into the bedroom of Oscura’s daughter and her royal attendant. My fear is that with Shaleigh distracted the pair have jumped into Lumina’s room and are ambushing the two dragons. Which is a WORST CASE SCENARIO!!! Or they could be trying to search for Kess on their own.

Either way the Party is diminishing with disaster a frightening likelihood.

I hope they would search kess instead of riah,s petty revenge I know how she feel,s sometimes I want to get revenge on orscura scyde and elektra for killing my favorite earth dragon character but I just say nope just move on violence begins with violence blood follows blood. I do hope some of the people on both sides who do not agree with leaders and there false views of this war hopefully in secret they would leave and move it would be wise now.

The dragon is city is going to be a wreck in the future and later destroyed by facist tyranny I know sombrana will come and become the new tyrant You know I used to read a novel called watership down it is a good book you should all read or listen to it on utube

That’s the problem with bringing volatile individuals into a sensitive area.
The one in charge could be anywhere, and without her leadership, the rest of the group just walks out the nearest door looking for her.
Where they went doesn’t even necessarily lead to the princess’s bedchambers.
They don’t know the portals, and it’s possible the portals could shift their exit. Could wind up anywhere by accident. For good or ill.

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