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Will Riah have her revenge? Have Lady Chiara‘s regrets caught up with her? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

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“No, you promise.” Considering that promise was to not harm a child… (Something most people consider baseline decency). She’s officially lost my sympathy.

Revenge is meaningless garbage that just adds to the suffer of the world.

But it keeps the war going, and we’re now privy to Her Majesty Queen Oscura’s view on that.

I don’t know man. I don’t know what Queen Oscura would want more a perpetual war and a martyr(her own daughter) that will keep the dragons united for eternity, or her daughter to be safe and sound.

I genuinely can’t tell with her character. Can you tell us what she would choose, without revealing the story?

I think Her Majesty’s maternal instinct would have something to say about it. But ask yourself this: If it were Her Majesty in this scene instead of Lady Chiara, what do you think she would do?

Thx man! It seems that Queen Obscura, cares for Princess Lumina at least enough not use her as a sacrificial pawn.

I couldn’t tell if Her Majesty had any restraint in her ruthlessness. Well now I know at least Lumina is precious enough to her.

Seriously hoping nothing bad happens to Chiara or Lumina, but with the kill count in the hundreds, doesn’t look good for them.
Especially their odds with Riah, who’s become a real pain all around. Now, she listens to no reason whatsoever and in a blind, overblown vengeance trip.
When is Shie just going to stand up to and physically stop her whine fest, before someone else does?

However, if they start talking at any regular volume, might wake up Lumina. Seeing them attacking her aunt may cause her to retaliate out of anger or fear, using any number of elements to do so.
Last time, she was able to divert a whole ceiling collapse away from Chiara with earth magic unconsciously. Imagine what focus or adrenaline could do. Doubt she’s learned the dragon’s typical emotional restraint yet.
Might alert nearby guards, or both her mothers, in the process. Then these two don’t stand a chance.

Well, now, I wonder if Chiara will have the chance to say that she regrets every bit of what she did, that taking Riah’s eye didn’t feel good at all? If that happens, Shie can get the opportunity to say that she regrets killing Azure.

I was afraid of this. Ugh.

Riah’s rage is about to spill forth and sever the cord of life of one dragon. Possibly.

Anyway. I believe this is Oscura’s work coming back to haunt her and her kind. She wants peace for Dragon-kind at the expense of a tribe of nomads and made life a nightmare for both. I surmise that Oscura’s harmony gambit is on the verge of exploding.

Also Chiara’s flash of remorse before being restrained by Shie makes me wonder if she feels regret for having to practically lie to Lumina or mauling Riah in previous pages.

This may seem a strange question – but since light dragons are all about healing and apparently mind stuff, is it possible to actually… regrow Riah’s lost eye? Would be a fair sight more than just an apology, but it would require getting that zhrite axe away from her… would take a bit of trust to even give it the attempt.

Having her eye healed by a dragon … her mind would break from the mental hoops she’d create for herself just to avoid those levels of cognitive dissonance.

Interesting hypothesis. Would Lady Chiara be that benevolent under duress, though?

If Chiara already has regrets about having taken Riah’s eye in her moment of anger, it’s possible this is a thing she’d been thinking of already – almost like a “what would I do if I could.” Granted stress may make that harder – but it could put the idea in her head to offer as a bargaining chip while the axe is to her throat. Whether she’d follow through if the tigers released her, though… that’s anyone’s guess. My thoughts on things anyway 🙂

Yeah… this is going to end badly for everyone and the princess is probably going to develop a fear of tigers and possibly a hatred if this goes the wrong way.

Dooming the dragons and tigers to more lifetimes of a meaningless forever war that exists just so the dragons tensions with each other doesn’t boil over. And the rest of civilization shrugs it shoulders of the madness and lets them destroy themselves.

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