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Down goes Shie, literally! Can Lady Chiara survive Riah‘s wrath in a one-on-one match? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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siiiiiiiigh Things just never goes the Tigers way, does it?
I blame the incredibly thick plot armor that the dragons seem to possess. How else could Briella and Kighan have survived their encounters? e_e

Only a select few characters actually have plot armor. I won’t say who they are, but the number’s really, really small. It’s hard to carry out a revenge plot when you’ve got a flustered Fox in the shadows, and besides, your fellow Draconiacs hate it when characters die. ^__^;

That didn’t stop Kenzi from becoming the meaty filling of a stone slab sandwich, did it?
The mortality rate seems to be heavily skewed towards the tigers at this point. I seriously hope Riah will even out the score.

I’m with you Rukaisho. It feels like it has been a very, very long time since a Dragon anybody gave a shit about died. I swear at this point I think I only come back occasionally to see if even one dragon has died a grisly death.

Seems like were hitting the climax now, wasn’t clear how much time had gone by when we reconnected with the tiger sisters. hopefully Lumina doesn’t run head first into a dangerous situation… eh who am I kidding that exactly what she’s gona do. XD

Considering Riah’s intent was to torture her to death, invoking the quick slash via the throat seems like the sane way to go. I guess that’s where “Try anything and I torture the child to death instead” comes in. She’s a barbarian, and I don’t think the dragons’ propaganda description of tigers.

Riah is just another gear in the cycle, she’ll never stop herself, nor will the dragons who come after her next.

Looks like Riah’s weapon isn’t Zhirite, or Chiara couldn’t stun her. Considering its scarcity, makes sense.

Due to the flash, depending on how bright it is, and considering that Riah is half-blind as it is, and she was in night-vision mode at the time, Chiara has a reasonably good measure of time to get herself and Lumina out of there.
By the time Riah can see again, they could be alerting the guards, or higher authority, in relative safety. Pun intended.

We interrupt this revenge to bring an important announcement…

The Tigers simply aren’t getting their way!

Shie is a dropout, thanks to Shaleigh while Riah is shown the light. Chiara wants Lumina to escape and save herself, which will likely alert Oscura and Kilani of the ambush and they will both answer the emergency with the utmost swiftness.

In the middle of all of this, Lumina, who has just woken up and is not completely lucid will be slow to respond and will sport the classic “deer in the headlights” look. How will the young Dragon react?

And this shows further proof that although Oscura wants the war to continue to ensure the Dragon Kingdom remains harmonious it may be approaching the moment where she or someone else says: Enough!

The Queen has a choice to make and an urgent one at that.

Fortunately for Chiara, looks like Shaleigh managed to step in before any blood was spilled. Though I wonder why Oscura only seems to have Chiara looking after Lumina, surely she shouldve expected a counter attack, and Chiara has magic, but she’s still injured from the eruption. Honestly Her Majesty should have hired more personnel… Anyway I’m looking forward to what’s next, hopefully not to the detriment of poor Kilani.

Now you see, when a character delights in gruesome torture and threatening a child I’m automatically against said character. I don’t care who started it or if they feel justified. It tells us what they really are underneath and I don’t care if it’s a tiger or dragon which some seem to be boiling it down to.

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