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Shall we call it “blind rage?” What will become of Riah‘s wrath? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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There’s nothing badass about this. Just a love sonnet to pettiness and revenge.

You make it sound so poetic!

Not gonna lie, that last bit made me chuckle. At the very least Lumina is out of the way. I wonder how this will turn out, but I’m suspecting the page cutting here means Chiara won’t get chopped just yet. Good luck to both parties!

I’m sure some others might be averse to it, but realistically, Chiara has the best chance here.

Riah is half-blind normally, all the way blind now. She’s also using a weapon that’s big and heavy in a confined space.
While Chiara can see in the dark, and has full command of the light array of magic. Lasers, radiation, illusion, etc.

If we’re using Briella as a baseline, I believe it’s safe to assume Chiara is at least as powerful, or more so, than her.

Ah yes, ” shit on your feelings”, while expecting everyone to accommodate if not endanger themselves for her feelings. Gotta love that fresh squeezed, no preservatives added, pettiness!

I remember watching care bears 2 with the song growing up feelings Now I have that stuck in my head Well back to the subject i feel sorry for riah and chiara I just like the story about loving your enemies and walk a mile for them it,s sort of a beautiful easter story to me

Riah was already half-blind to begin with and now she is trying to use a heavy weapon while barely begin able to see her enemy. Usually this results in a swing and a miss. Then a faceplant. This will end in either comedy or catastrophe.

Her pride is preventing her from seeing the big picture here, not that she was very good at that to begin with. She has a habit of being shortsighted and losing her eye only made that worse, at least figuratively. Now nearly completely physically blind, she is about to reap the life of a dragoness who has injured her once at the provocation of her sister. With Lumina alerting a guard and about to sound the alarm can Chiara diffuse the difficulty or will Riah reap revenge and possibly set off a bloody reprisal?

I remember commenting on an earlier page that if Chiara had been thinking about Riah’s eye, she could offer to heal it – depending on how charitable she’d be in the moment. So it’s kinda gratifying to see her TRYING to engage the tiger with an apology, even if Riah is clearly not in a mindset to appreciate it.

A part of me has to wonder how differently things might have gone if Shie hadn’t been pulled out of the scene – would the larger tiger have been more receptive and maybe even helped mediate matters?

At this point though we’ve got a mostly blind tiger with a big weapon, so just about ANYONE could end up taking the hit. Tropes suggest we’re about to see some friendly fire or unintended targets, but I rather hope we can avoid that in favor of something snapping Riah out of her bloodlust WITHOUT heavily wounding someone else. Not sure what it’d take though…

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