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Them sounds like fightin’ words from Riah! Will Lady Chiara give into her emotions? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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10 bucks say Chiara about to add another point to here list of regrets, seems like whenever her mom is brought up she just loses all sense. makes me wonder how she’ll react when she learns what her mothers final act was.

Chiara needs to be careful, Riah could be taunting her out of hiding. Riah knows what happened with her eye when Shie taunted the same thing last time, so it may be a ploy to make her opponent angry and not think straight. Much like herself at the moment.

However, Chiara is still in the better position. Just needs to restrain her anger until a good time to weaponize her abilities. Light’s versatile, and solid light is a theoretical possible option. If she can get to a better vantage point in the room, she could take her anger out on Riah outside the scythe’s reach. Perhaps the decoy can do more?

Riah’s pushing all the buttons!

After realizing her faux pas pass at Chiara, Riah hopes to draw the dragon out of hiding then strike. Of course her target is too smart for that. Nevertheless, Riah’s taunts are having some effect.

I bemoan Riah’s position right now. She’s at disadvantage both in power and if Lumina can alert her mother and Kilani she will soon be outnumbered. Plus, she is still blind to the fact as long as this vicious cycle of revenge continues so too does the war. Maybe Chiara has a chance to weaken it if she can get through the tiger cub’s thick skull.

The dragons have killed countless tigers for the sake of keeping their own dysfunctional kingdom intact and she has the fucking cajones to call HER a monster?
Do It, Riah! Shove that Zhirite scythe through that dumb ram hypocrite’s thick skull!

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