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Has it become a more complicated night in the Imperial Palace? Share your ideas on what you think’ll happen next in the comments below!

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Now that we know Queen Obscura is keeping the war with the tigers going forever… and thus has no intention of actually winning… Because otherwise the dragons would all turn on each other…

The tigers don’t even realize the dragons have been handicapped from the inside the whole time. The tiger doesn’t seem to grasp the light dragon could vaporize her if she wanted.

I mean, Riah has a point here. Even if she’s incorrect, Shie at least tried to kill Azure in one go, but Chiara decided to maim Riah and leave her handicapped. But Chiara decided the truth hurt too much and lost it I suppose, what happened to a dragon never lets emotions dictate her actions?

Seeing what the dragons are capable of when they show emotion, current and past, starting to believe that the entire idea of “proper dragons repress their emotions” is propaganda to keep them docile and underpowered. Maybe so they don’t eliminate their also propagandized enemy too quickly, keeping the “peace”.

There goes Shaleigh’s cover.

Chiara’s attempt at reasonable reckoning erupts into an outraged rant. Riah just doesn’t know how leave enough alone.

All I can see is that Riah’s words have cut Chiara deeper than expected judging by the tears streaking down her cheeks and also how will the dragon break the news to Oscura and what will be Kilani’s reaction to hearing who has gotten into the palace?

Oh fuck off! Shie and Riah had this bitch dead to rights, but once again the oh so convenient “dragon-ex-machina” rears its ugly head and stops her from getting her just desserts. Even with a broken arm.
I seriously hate how grossly overpowered the dragons are in this story!

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