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Is chill time over for Lady Red and Pyra? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Not sure about any garnered respect, but usually the darker the scales, the older the dragon.
So to the untrained, Pyra looks to be Red’s senior, with Elyss older than both.
In natural coloration, Pyra’s the youngest of them, possibly by a fair margin.

Also, seems Blue is still distracted by the truth Kilani shared with her, and worried about her fate perhaps.
Probably going to stick with her for a bit, knowing that a tiger raised their princess.
Quite the story for her girls too.

Pyra may be referring to her own complexion rather than Lady Red’s current pink predicament. Maybe that’s what happens when you molt ahead of schedule. ^__^;

The queen would have a revolution on her hands in seconds if anyone else learned the war with the tigers is being purposely fought badly just so the dragons don’t turn on each other. Since if the dragons took it seriously, the tigers wouldn’t pose any existential threat.

Yeah to me The dragon court is corrupted well red can kiss her promotion goodbye I know an invasion force is coming to the city also sombrana is leading the lightning dragons going to attack the city too well empires rises empires fall like humpty dumpty the rhyme

Huh, I’m kind of surprised the Dragons don’t have a better way to alert the guards other than running to find the captain.

Also Razorfox, I’m not sure if it was you’re intent by my eye in the first panel can’t help but be drawn to Lady Red’s rear.

Her Spa Day is Spoiled! Oh well.

Regardless, the dragons whom Kilani chatted and stayed with are lounging about after work looking to chill after the day’s thrills. Lady Red (or Lady Pink) is lamenting the loss of the crimson scales that she is known for but Pyra has someone in mind that can cure that. Meanwhile, Blue’s head is on a different matter and not engaged in the conversation.

Is she dwelling on the conversation she had with Kilani? What has the Tiger’s words stirred in the dragon’s heart?

When Pyra rouses her from her thoughts Blue apologizes then offers to continue her services as translator. Pyra is convinced that their guest Tiger may not be around long enough to do anymore talking.

Now another Dragon, Elyss, bursts in informing the trio of an emergency. The day may be done but the night has just begun.

Also there are a lot of colors being thrown around here. Red, Blue, Pink, Orange. Is this some kind of color scheme? LOL.

Man I cannot wait to see the battle finally get to have poetic justice done on some of the wicked people on both sides and hopefully the good ones will survive or dessert there leaders and find a new way of life be servants to one another not blood sisters but convenant sisters not the scales or fur or color of skin but the heart. oh please tamsyn be the new leader of the tigers and eone leader of the dragons

I just realized! :0 We still need to see where Kess ended up! My money’s on Kilani and Oscura. Or! Aaalll the waaaay back to the battalion 😀

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