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Lady Red‘s not entirely wrong. Any ideas on where Kess just materialized? Share your ideas below!

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Seems respect and reputation are sticking points with at least Pyra and Red. Probably still dwelling on what happened generations ago for whatever reason.
Really should just let it go, live life not thinking other elements will turn on you. Though they’ve bought the propaganda unquestionably, so there’s not much hope.

As for Kess, she could feasibly be anywhere in the palace interior, but the mortared stone setting is usually seen in the prison.
She may even be near Xhianil and Meta’s cell, or someone else we aren’t aware of. I’m sure there’s more than just them in there, knowing this regime.

Generations ago, perhaps, though Lady Red did specifically reference the security breach by the same team of Tigers in the chaos of the volcanic eruption. All that happened just about two days ago in comic time!

The breach happened about 2-3 days previous, when things were in chaos, and resulted in Lumina needing more brainwashing. Which might do damage in the long run.
I more meant Pyra’s mention of getting respect, and Red’s constant need for reputation gain. Seems to come from how the fire dragons used to be considered a hazard about two generations ago.
That was then. The elements are integrated now, somewhat, and despite propaganda, they don’t all still hate each other. The war continues so they can make a peace that’s already existent.

Reputation before royalty, eh? You truly have a one-track mind, Red.

With information of invaders in the castle the dragons react accordingly. They want to notify the Queen but can’t interrupt her meeting with Kilani. They are also aware of Kess’ presence, at least from a description of her appearance. Lady Red doesn’t want a repeat of the Eruption Episode as the palace guards reputation is already in question. So Red sends Pyra to wake the other guards from the barracks to help with the Tigers while they hope Shaleigh can be reasoned with when they find her.

As for Kess, they know she is somewhere but don’t know exactly where. Speaking of said tiger, Kess materializes from nowhere and given Red’s last comment could be closer than they think.

Personally judging by the walls and the lighting, it seems Kess may have popped up inside a prison cell or as an even wilder guess is inside the same hall where Kilani and Oscura currently are.

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