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Looks like we’ve got a us a two-on-one cage match between Kess, Meta, and Xhianil! Who’s going to win this? Share your thoughts below!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Probably one of the worst places Kess could’ve popped up, with two incarcerated dragons. One who’s given up, the other wanting revenge for her best friend (or more).
Just hoping if it comes down to them fighting, they can keep Meta out of it. She didn’t do anything wrong.

Page also brings the question up again:
Why is Xhianil allowed to keep her magic after showing she’s capable of cutting through the bars and that she’s unstable by nearly killing Fuegana, while Meta, completely innocent, gets hers violently ripped out of her “for precaution”?
Sensing some severe fire favoritism from the arresting authority.

Well guess this makes sense.
A tiger tried to et her revenge on a dragon. Now a dragon gets her shot at revenge on a tiger.
Also is everybody molting?

Meta along with the other Earth Dragons who went along on the recent mission to find Kilani, namely Eone and Saph, are molting after their skin got damaged dealing with the extreme heat of the lava back during the volcanic eruption. Every Dragon molts, but those three plus Lady Red are dealing with an acute case. ^__^

Kill Me!, Killl You!, Calm Down!

Three different voices vying for vindication! And Vengeance!

I’m going to put as much alliteration in this answer as allowed!

(Oh and it appears our guess as to where Kess popped into is properly precise!)

Anyway, 3 Souls 3 Goals.

Kess, who has come into the confines of convicted courtesans is confused as to the course of the current conversation and seeks to find comfort amongst the chaos. Kess is in need of a confidant. Can one be found in this dingy dungeon?

Meta after having her core connection with the lovely Luasa lashed away has gone from serenely centered to surly cynic with certifying suddenness. With her goddess gone she finds no other solace other than the dreamless sleep of death and presents her juicy jugular to a juxtaposed jail girl. Will anyone be able to drown this distressed dragoness’ dark desire?

Xhianil is the most recent regret to be resigned here. She is on the record for having sunk her sharp incisors into the flesh of a superior civil servant. But she is not without troubles of her own to trifle with. The loss of a little ally has left her languishing. With the alarming appearance of her fellow flame’s finisher Xhianil now wishes to sear the slayer and settle the score.

Ok. Normal language now. I’ve done the best I could. You like?

Oh and in short: How will Kess cope with a suicidal former savant and revenger who wants to roast her? Whew!! 🤔

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You should write advertising copy! This was brilliant!

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