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Just call Meta “the Tiger Whisperer!” But has she just unleashed an angry Kess upon the Imperial Palace? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Kess is a tigress on a mission! And she has a cool head for it, too, w00!

Lol last panel is a classic gag, I love it XDD

Poor Meta can’t catch a break! ^o^

Why did those Fire Dragons put Meta in the same prison as Kess anyway?

Wait, was that hole in the bars ALWAYS there?

Anyway, Meta has pointed the tigress towards her sister all in a bid for some serenity. Which fails.

Meta may be in danger. If any of the other dragons learn of her willful assistance of an enemy, imprisonment might be the least of her problems.

This begs the question: Why help a relative of the Dragon’s hated enemy AT ALL?

Seems that not only do the children learn tigerian in school, but the priestesses learn it in seminary. Military and politicians likely learn some as well.

Odd to learn the language of a people that their leadership wants to wipe out, and they’re allergic to. Unless Kilani didn’t make Cinder sick.

Even more odd, tigerian doesn’t have a written form. So how are they learning it? Forcing tiger prisoners to teach at element-point?

Another thing to speculate, maybe if Meta actually helps Xhianil instead of ignoring her, Luasa will notice her good deed. Might earn her powers back.

It’d be interesting to see if the gods and goddesses work on a “brownie points” system. As for Tigerian not having a written form, that doesn’t stop the Dragons from trying to transliterate it into their own writing system. It’s like when we try to transcribe the sounds of, say, Chinese into the Roman alphabet.

Might be in that world, the divines give rewards based on good actions, not just belief. Seeing as Meta’s magic was taken, she’ll have to earn it another, more mundane way.

As for the language issue, in Japanese it’s called Romanji. Unfortunately, a lot of symbols translate as similar sounding syllables or words. (Kowai and Kawaii, for instance)

Which checks out for all the translation errors we’ve seen. Though once transliterating, do they test their translations on those they caught, or hope for the best when they meet up?

Man it makes me steamed up Kess is no better than oscura please let oscura group and kesses group finished each other off while tamsyn will be fishers of dragons and tigers to unite learn to forgive one another besides cannot wait to let blue see tishila and I hope later on scyde and elektra will come to there senses and have regrett what they did alot of blood is on both of there hands.

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