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It looks like Xhianil and her thirst for revenge are no match for Kess and her fists of fury! And will Meta be the scrappy Tiger’s next victim? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Finally. One of these loathsome dragons gets what is coming to them. Hopefully Lady Chiara and Saph will get the same treatment.

Looks like Kess got the jump on Xhianil. That’s what happens when you talk too much, but hopefully she’ll recover. All while Meta seems to know at least a little tiger-speak, leading into her possibly having info about Kilani. Also, a bit interesting that Cinder, the same dragon that beat Kess with the flaming tree branch, has been romancing her sister Kilani elsewhere.

Well, that was disappointing…
Also, upon inspecting the page of the incident in question, this:
you were the one trying to hit them first with the aforementioned tree branch Kess! You got no right to complain.

Kess wins by K.O.! Poor Xhianil never got to finish her sentence.

With Xhianil roasted by Kess before even landing a punch it seems any hope for avenging Flare has gone up in smoke.

On the upside Meta has had another change of demeanor. First she was irked and irritable but now she has returned to the stoic state she was in BEFORE being stripped of her power.

Seems all she really needed was something that called for a cool head and those days of serving the Queen came straight back to her.

THIS is the Meta we remember.

Also she just said the magic word…

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