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Has the flame of Xhianil‘s vengeance been snuffed? Or is it now burning brighter than ever before? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Seems we’re seeing more instances of not everyone following the queen’s propaganda.
While Ember openly blames Meta without evidence, Xhianil defends her cellmate, showing a contradiction to the “rules”.
Not long ago, we saw Blue having a friendly conversation with Kilani, both a tiger and the queen’s most wanted.
Whom she’s supposed to despise by palace standards. Should be interesting to see where these select few peaceful individuals end up.

Ooh, ouch, poor Xhianil, that must smart something fierce. What you get for cornering a tiger I suppose. Clear racism going on here too, I wonder if the Queens going to be able to do anything about this during her generation. It’s not like she can just snap her fingers and make everyone cooperate.

pretty sure she could have fit through any of the bars because they are a mile apart! I know artists do that so the characters behind bars can actually be seen behind them but this is a little silly.

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