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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

What’s going on in the shadows in Kighan‘s flashback? Patreon supporters know!

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Having everyone looking for Kess RIGHT outside is about what I’d guessed could happen… the only question here is what has prompted Queen Oscura to call out for the guards.

The obvious conclusion would be that Kess showed up out of the shadows, startled everyone, they’ll see her there when the doors open, and all hell breaks loose.

The LESS obvious situation would be if Lady Shaddig had chosen to take matters into her own hands if Queen Oscura appeared overly sympathetic to Kilani and Kess’ point of view… and that the Queen is calling out for reinforcements to deal with a wayward fire dragon – by bringing four more into the room.

You know what reall disgustingly disturbs me is seeing dragons and tigers being delighted of killing each other when I see pyras face having a sadistic fiendish glee on that how would she feel if a tiger over powered her with a zhrite weapon.

While interesting that “this” was the incident that got every lightning dragon thrown out… how? and when?

We know Elektra and Scyde have a history, as they say the same thing on 48 about a previous fight, both believing they won, and recently, Scyde was kicking around an effigy of Elektra. However, as far as I’m aware, Scyde hasn’t been in the city ever long enough for the kind of interaction the page implies. Elektra, before the event, was a palace guard and likely wouldn’t have away missions where they could’ve met outside the palace, especially one where she was drunk at the time. So, the chances of them ever meeting would be extremely slim.

However, I have a loose theory. When Scyde was rescuing Kiriad from the palace, she was somehow overpowered by a drunk Elektra, able to resist killing her to lay with her and still have time to catch up with her group before the other dragons noticed.
Either that or Oscura had other motives and made all this up to get the lightning dragons kicked out for their drunken behavior. Though if all this is true, that comment Elektra makes on 76 may perhaps not be directed at their prisoner, as previously thought.

The call goes out. What for?

Pyra listens in to the goings on inside the room with glee at Kilani’s distress. Meanwhile, Xhianil is recovering from her bout with Kess. She burns for a rematch with the feisty tigress. Will her flaming fists have an effect or is her earnest effort all for naught?

While first two fire dragons eavesdrop, Kighan and Cinder discuss the ‘incident’ that ended the Former Royal Guards career. Kighan tells of another incident, this time involving inebriation, that brought an entire dragon race to shame and saw them exiled. Thankfully, sobriety was on Cinder’s side and probably saved her fellow fire breathers from suffering a similar sentence. Nonetheless, with the news of Cinder’s closed door act now open what can she do to salvage what’s left? And what of the fate of the exiled what has become of them?

But, it appears the time for discussion is over. What has happened inside the Royal Chamber? Has Kess revealed herself?

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