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Looks like Kess isn’t exactly doing herself any favors with Her Majesty Queen Oscura or her sister Kilani. Can she turn things around? Stay tuned…

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Time for some shotgun diplomacy, in the interest of a non-violent negotiation, concessions must be made to ensure security and establish a basis of trust. I’m also quite happy there’s no language barrier between the important players, helps maintain the story flow and quell misunderstandings/grievances more readily.

The fact that communications did not immediately break down is good; Queen Oscura kept her head long enough to get more information. She’s still horribly accusatory, but apparently Kess pushed at least ONE correct button by saying something believable.

From the camera’s focus in the last panel I expect that the next page will be back in the shadows and focus on Shie and Riah – whether they leave, whether Coneen LETS them leave. I get the feeling the tigers are in martyrdom mode and willing to step out and set the record straight – that they were NOT after Lumina, but after a certain blue ram in that room instead. Again evidence of the ongoing cycle of revenge; eye for an eye and all that.

Also curious about Coneen’s reaction to one of those cloaks potentially falling into the dragons’ hands. Prior signs suggested that whatever this group of shadowy races is, they value not leaving evidence of their involvement. I am going to guess this is something Queen Oscura deduced, that the cloak is important to Shaleigh’s coming and going – and if those cloaks are THAT valuable I wonder if they’d just snatch Kess back unwillingly to keep it safe?

Come out says the Queen!

Kess confesses and clears the confusion concerning the accusation against her. It works as the tension in the room cools somewhat but is still tight in the air around them. Kess has demonstrated superb diplomacy here. She is to be commended.

Oscura orders the others to emerge and remove their cloaks. She realizes that Shaleigh, the fox whom she told to never return, is behind this whole ordeal. Will she come out and face her former ally or stay obscured and escalate the situation?

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