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Her Majesty Queen Oscura with the save, but now that Pyra has filled Her Majesty in on what’s been happening on this eventful night, will her merciful mood change? Stay tuned…

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Oooh, wonder just which way the tides will turn next.

All the reveals coming out, nearly everyone in one place – and here’s Coneen poking her head in! She has thus far felt more of a teasing colleague to Shaleigh than anything truly malicious, but I don’t know if she’s keen to Deus Ex Machina a third party intervention for the assembled crew. Few options play themselves out in my head:

Coneen ‘ejects’ the remaining tigers into the room to get them out of the shadow space since Shaleigh is gone, which only adds tension but completes the cast gathering
Coneen prevents the remaining tigers from leaving but joins them in watching how events play out – keeping the option to intervene/grab if necessary
Coneen finds and collects Shaleigh to make the fox answer for her involvement in this mess… during which time the AU twins’ package might come into play…

In the meantime, I just hope Queen Oscura and Kess keep their respective tempers in check! We’ve already seen references to the other tigers’ crimes in Queen Oscura’s conversation with Kilani. If the attack on other tigers by her guards is “just what happens when you resist the guards directions”, does that mean Kess having hit back is fair play? Is the supposed attack on Lumina also fair play and an acceptable cost to allow the war to continue, or is it a sign the revenge cycle needs to stop? Possibly a sign that Queen Oscura would feel a bit more personally? Kilani’s way versus the ‘normal’ way…

I dont know how much more higher we can stack the tension!

Well, learning someone may have tried to off Her Majesty’s daughter might probably dash hopes for a diplomatic resolution, wouldn’t you agree?

Taken on its own, it certainly might! But there’s a lot of questions in the air right now that need answering, and hopefully the time needed to resolve it all will help matters.

The fire dragons’ report given paints the tigers in the worst possible light – as though Lumina had been the intended target. Kess has no idea about those events at all, but can at least answer the question about the fox’s involvement. Something about “I can help you rescue Kilani because it will mess with the Queen”, when the tigers had no other way in. It’d be honesty on Kess’ part, but would also be throwing Shaleigh under the bus.

Of course of Coneen either ejects the remaining two tigers into the room or shows up herself, the entire tone of the counter could change yet again…

Let’s give a big hand to Queen Oscura! For now at least.

With the main cast assembled, Oscura gets an earful of what had happened during the night. Granted it’s not entirely true. Lumina was never attacked while her attendant was. Lumina escaped unharmed while Chiara suffered some injuries. All in all, not a good impression for the Tigers. Shaleigh will be partially blamed for this as she was the one who brought the Tigers to the palace in the first place. Kess betrothed the black eye on Xhianil but that happened in a prison cell after she was unwittingly transported there.

This will be a tough case to present.

Will the goodwill extended to the capable and caring Kilani be enough to quell the Queen’s ire?

There we go, the reported “attempt” on the Princess’ life is sure to stoke the flames. Very good thing though that there’s no language barrier in this moment.

The existence of Shaleigh and Coneen has me itching for more world building. This story so far is focused on a small region of an entire world, and there’s at least two more Races other than the Dragons and Tigers.

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