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You never know where you’ll wind up when you get knocked out of Shaleigh’s hub!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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See in the first panel smudges of the shading and highlight color you used, probably uploaded an older version so you may need to update

So… how are they understanding each other right now? Square brackets and arrow braces suggest speaking in different languages, and Kess has previously shown a near-complete inability to understand draconic speech… yet the squabbling and descent into a more heartfelt begging seems to be coming through loud and clear. Maybe some of it is body language, but the nuance in how /completely/ their speech is in sync makes me pause and wonder if there’s something else going on to allow the translation…?

You probably hit upon it with body language and tone filling in some of the gaps. Going from shouting to sobbing can convey a lot!

We keep seeing how much the two sides literally talk past each other, when just having a translator would make issues easier to solve… revealing both misunderstandings and similarities. Though right now I think they also share disgust in where they ended up and wanting to get clean. I’d say Kess could offer her headcloth in a token gesture to help Xhianil, but I suspect that it’s dirty too… can’t tell with the coloration if it’s damp or if being on Kess’ head kept it away from the worst of the mess.

Interesting suggestion, and while everything on each of them is damp right now, I doubt Kess will take it off. One of my design rules for Kess is that she’s never to be seen without it, even when otherwise nude. I’ve been drawing her for over twenty years and never once have I drawn her without it! ^__^

Ouch. My heart.

Yup, the dirty creek, lol!

Aaww, Xhianil :< It won’t take Kess long to figure out exactly what Xhianil’s hangup is, especially not after Oscura told Kess point blank that Xhianil will be allowed to kill her, and the fact Kess perfectly recalls Xhianil’s screams when she killed Flare.

Welp, since Shie and Riah heard the three fall into the creek that means the door to that area’s still open, they’ll come through, and chaos once again! And then the battalion arrives (finally)!

Talk about ending up in a cess pool!

Anyway, the Tigers are okay. (mostly) and so is Xhianil (again mostly). The Dragoness again is quick to capitalize on the quick culmination of revenge. Kess tries to plead with her but her words fall on deaf ears. Kilani is gripped by both her sister and the tension between the two which Xhianil tries to verbally pry her away to open the way to Kess. But her words start to fail as the fiery dragon’s boasting turns to begging.

Xhianil has her opportunity at revenge practically presented to her on a silver platter. Now it seems she’s lost heart and her wrathful appetite. Is she simply going to give up?

And what of her last words: ” I HAVE to kill you.” It sounds like her vengeful desire is less personal provocation and more peer pressure or the product of a partner’s pact.

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