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Are we witnessing the beginning of a new chapter in Kess‘s life? Stay tuned…

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The detail that sticks out to me the most is Xhianil’s hand. First a fist, then almost looking like she’s going to try and push Kilani away when she’s hugged, maybe trying to grab onto that fancy top. The hand is in roughly the same position after Kess’ long (and probably soft-spoken) speech, though the way Kilani turns back makes it ALMOST look like Xhianil’s grip has shifted to copping a feel of the tiger’s chest instead – purely by accident of course! 🙂 Poor dragon just doesnt know how to react to getting actual soft (if currently wet-nasty) affection from a tiger.

Now though we get to guess who is interrupting the moment, and which ‘her’ are they referring to – get away from Xhianil? Get away from Kilani, or Kess? Only clue we have is that it’s a Tigerian speaker. The list of Dragons who can speak reasonable Tigerian isn’t very long, so odds are high that Kilani and Kess may need to protect Xhianil from whatever group they’ve encountered just outside the Dragon city – wasnt there an attacking Tiger force incoming to take advantage of the confusion?

Would be a really bad time to swap page focus to another group XD

Poor Communication can Kill.

Kess makes the first move this time embracing the distressed dragon. Xhianil is taken aback but doesn’t resist. Kess expresses her wish that there wasn’t a language barrier between them. She explains that Flare attacked, and she was acting in self-defense. The tigress admits that Dragons scare her, and they hurt others. She does understand Xhianil’s thinking as she was or is, in the same position.

Kess wishes that one day the languages the two races have can be understood and they can communicate. The she’ll be able to say just how sorry she is.

Actions speak louder than words here. Kess captures what Xhianil is feeling and wants to understand it to understand her better. That is if someone doesn’t complicate things even more.

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