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Guess who!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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The assault is underway! Unfortunately, it seems the objective seems to have been missed…

Scyde’s battalion surges forward to breaking through the bars barring their way into the pipe. Meanwhile the traitors are swarmed and shoved from as the Tigerian tide smashes into the pipe. Kilani is restrained by Naisha who surreptitiously speaks to Kilani to play into the ruse.

In the bushes two of the three Tigerian Archers witness the Dragon’s retreat while the third sees a threat incoming before all three are thunderstruck.

It seems reinforcements have arrived. Can they turn the tide or will a stream of smelly Tigers find their way into the castle?

Seems like Scyde is so focused on her given objectives that she hasn’t noticed all of them are there. And it looks like Naisha is taking advantage of that to get them out of Scyde’s little death march into dragon lands.

Also it looks like they aren’t too focused on the others and are just pushing out of the way. Did the fox plan this or is it simply working out for Kilani and Kess’s group by chance?

So if fire dragons are the current guards/enforcers, will lightning dragons stepping in here be seen in as a positive or negative? i.e. are they backup at the perfect time, or vigilantes intruding where they aren’t wanted? Or will Lady Red just not want to share the credit?

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