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Page 590 – Chapter Ten

Page 590 – Chapter Ten published on 27 Comments on Page 590 – Chapter Ten

Welcome to Shaleigh‘s world! Will her presentation fly with the Conclave? Stay tuned…

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The plot thickens!

I thought we were going to be looking at a magically advanced civilization, looks like it’s technologically advanced too. I also appreciate the logic of letting the seemingly resolved situation sort itself out off-screen, or else we might ave been there for another 12 pages. +1

Thanks! When I wrote page 589, I knew I was winding down the chapter, but when Elektra delivered her line about “hope,” I realized that that was a fitting note to end on and decided to move on to what I had lined up next. Shaleigh’s presentation to the Conclave had been teased for a while I wanted to deliver on it!

This looks… VERY modern. The bar graphs, the exit sign, the fire extinguisher… Doooooon’t tell me that the realm where tigers and dragons are at war is some kind simulation. Pleeeeeease.

I hope not. That’s a molecule away from “…and it was all a dream!”

Miss Shaleigh, please take the stand.

So, Shaleigh and crew’s world is far more modern than anything the Dragons and Tigers can dream of. Projectors, electric lights, and more. The hall marks of a forward society.

But despite this the spotlight will fall on a familiar face. One candidate has already been shot down by the rapid regards of the regulators. Shaleigh is the next one to step up.

Can she stand tall, or will she face a long fall?

In this one comic, I suddenly and instantly feel bad for Zmia. Clearly so enthused with what she is presenting, seeming to have found success from that upward graph trend, only to be cut off before she could even finish delivering it! And from context, the idea of an ‘Endowment’ not being renewed sounds REALLY heavy. This feels like more than just a college or doctorate dissertation – being ‘discharged’ sounds life-altering. I know that narratively this is intended to set the stage and show the stakes for Shaleigh needing to show the results of all her meddling, but Zmia’s tearful face makes me wish it coulda been shown in some other way. What happens to people who fail to make the grade, here…?

So when we talk “Realms”, are we meaning Dimensions? Alternate worlds? Obviously not time travel as the same characters exist in both the main story and in Draconia Lane. I shouldn’t start myself down a theorizing rabbit hole, that’s not very respectful of the Author, because this is your story, not mine, I’m just along for the ride. I just get stupidly curious when things get even remotely SciFi or Politically Conspiracist.

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