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Page 446 published on 17 Comments on Page 446

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Has Tam’syn discovered who truly poses the biggest threat in her life?  Hmmm…

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I think that is more a warning than nightmare. It’s seems that Scyde can be doom to all somehow. Maybe she can potentially become a pawn to someone who wants war between dragon and tigers? Hmm… anyway we know about it in next pages. Thanks for page of your comic RazorFox!

Well considering how cruelly Scyde killed Gaia, I guess I could see her kill anyone who got in her way. It occurs to me if Ashaki really does have some sort of sense that warns her about the future in her dreams, that could make quite a few tigers a threat to her. We’ve already seen one tiger trie to kill another tiger and a dragon over trying to establish peaceful talk.

Continuing from last page’s theorizing into this one, since it’s the same dream sequence. Last time we saw what could be considered some force (Loessa/Luasa perhaps) calling to Tam’syn again as a call to action, to possible reassemble Gaia’s head with her body. This time we see both sisters, Tam’syn and Ashaki getting the same thing that happened to her happen to them. This could be seen as that same force showing her what Gaia went through in her last few moments, to better reinforce the urgency of doing the task, and allowing Tam to empathize with Gaia, should they ever directly communicate. Between last page and this, it’s something she probably should tell an elder, Mabel or otherwise, to interpret and clarify her mission.

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