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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

It’s Kess versus the world, or at least Her Majesty’s Royal Palace Guard, which includes one Dragon with a few bones to pick with the rowdy renegade. Will Her Majesty Queen Oscura carry on the conversation, or are things about to take a turn? Stay tuned…

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I think riah would jump in and do something foolish I hope kess Has a plan with kilani . looking to see what happens next I might try to support you just to see the early comics. By the way like the picture I drew kess and with one of my own characters. ^_^

I had not put together that Kess could be misidentified as Shaleigh when she appeared, but with the cloak that makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately it also gave Queen Oscura a reason to preemptively call for the guards. On the plus side, no actual violence has happened (here) yet. On the minus side, Kess’ upcoming speech – if she gets the chance – will have a much larger audience, including one dragon already looking for payback. There’s a lot of stuff in the air, just a matter of when each particular piece wants to fall. Even more tense than the previous few cliffhanger pages! Feels like it’s just building up to have a lot of key players in one place for whatever climax is to come.

The main/only advantage Kess has right now is a combination of shock value, her seemingly nonaggressive posture, and her stated “Being here for Kilani” not lining up with Kilani’s own words and feelings from a moment before. The confusion might prompt the Queen to start questioning Kess and block others from attacking until that resolves. Maybe Kess can win a few points by not hiding Shaleigh’s involvement and just say that the fox offered a way in and the tigers didn’t question matters. But beyond that… there’s a whole lot of fire waiting for if the Queen’s interest in conversation runs out.

Kess comes into the ring!

I had already suspected who had entered the Queen’s chamber from her outburst. Nonetheless, it seems Oscura is stilled steaming over Shaleigh’s betrayal from last chapter. (tell me if I have that right). With the hood down and the familiar red cloak hiding her from all eyes it’s easy to mistake Kess for the scheming fox. It’s the usually quick-tempered Kess who reveals her true identity before all in the room, except for Kilani, who already knew who she was.

The reactions from Kighan and Pyra who show genuine surprise at who is in front of them. Xhianil’s reaction is expected: flaming fury.

Also, bravo for Kess keeping her cool and concentrating on the concerns at hand. Will Kess keep the peace and keep herself out of harm or will the vengeful Xhianil deliver a K.O.?

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