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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Gosh, Kess is popular, isn’t she?

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Interesting dynamic with few words. Shock, Anger, Relief, then Alarm, followed by Oscura herself more worried for her guest, Kilani.
Luckily, both Oscura and Schaddig are adept casters, and should be able to shut down Xhianil without much effort.

Well I hope Shie throws the ax out of the shadow and kess grabs it by the handle sadly might hold xilanul hostage while the zhrite has the effect on the fire dragon to keep her flame cooling off than just leave xilanul and vansish in the shadows with kilani

🎶I hear ev’ryone callin’ my name! 🎶

So much name calling! Kess is the center of attention after revealing herself to the court. Not everyone is elated to see her though.

Reactions range from shock to searing hate. I’m waiting for either a sudden shout to stop or an explosion of expletives.

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