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Who’s about to get a taste of Riah‘s thirsty blade? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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You know, it’s pretty bold of her to think she’ll win one on one since it’s pretty clear the other tigers are getting tired of this “I gotta kill” song and dance.

Well, she’s the one with the scythe, and you don’t argue with the one with the scythe.

I wouldn’t worry. Peasants used them because they had them available when they were forced to fight. There’s a reason those how could afford anything better did. And that they weren’t default equipment handed out to everyone. Big, unwieldy, a narrow useful angle of attack, and you’re more of a danger to those around you than those in front. And easily avoided, especially with a choked grip nerfing your reach, combined with a massively telegraphed swing. Add the fact jumping attacks are dumb as fuck, cause all you have to do to avoid them is take a step or two in ANY direction, since they ain’t changing directions without wings.

Think we all learned from Kenzi how leaping with a scythe turns out, even if no earth dragons are around.
In this case, there’s a fire dragon, who really shouldn’t be igniting in a sewer runoff. Might get an explosive outcome she wasn’t expecting.

Maybe any combustible gases aren’t as concentrated in the open air? Better watch out for the pipe, though!

If the smell is THAT bad, I’m a little surprised any ambient flame isn’t causing a methane/gas fire? It’d be an awfully anticlimactic way to end the encounter though, so I get kinda glossing past that point.

Xhianil will be largely clueless as to what’s being said, but hopefully she can pick up on Kess and Kilani /defending/ her.

Sadly Riah’s leaping slash at the end seems a perfect setup for SOMEONE getting in the way to take the blow… I really hope that she either misses or is prevented from bringing the scythe down. I cant tell whether Kilani will finally jump at her chance to martyr, Kess will jump at the chance to redeem herself, or if Shie will step in and use her size to either take the hit or just grab Riah before it connects.

All we need after THAT, is for dragons to come across the infighting/talking tigers – and prove they’re no better via draconic infighting, with Xhianil speaking up for what she has just seen and likely being dismissed/ignored.

Shie storms in, baying for blood.

After Kess’ heartwarming address to a distressed Xhianil, Shie stops them and demands they cease and desist so she can slice a certain dragon in half. Shie’s blood is still steaming for the “my eye” matter and seeks recompense.

Kess defends the dragon who already has her fire burning bright. Will she need to use it?

In summary, a sweet moment is spoiled by a resentful revenger who won’t rest until she sees a dragon’s blood dripping from her blade. Who will stop her?

A truly epic showdown is coming. Question is: will it be a unified front from both sides to commit genocide, or will there be enough doubt amongst both ranks that finally gets both sides to see one cannot survive without the other.

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